Every business is a puzzle of questions, decisions and solutions. Let us guide your way!

We can manage from design to deployment any type of software product.  No matter if it is an idea of a new product or just a very custom software solution that your business requires, we are the perfect partner to bring it to life.

Have you tried to find a boxed software to fulfill your needs but couldn’t find anything or the ones you have found are not satisfactory and can’t be extended to the point where they can fulfill all your needs?

Is your business addressing a niche market and is the nature of your business so different than the rest that none of the existing CRM/ERP software may cover your needs?

Do you have an idea of a software that hasn’t been developed before and if done properly might sell well?

If one of the above is your case then we are here to help. During the past ten years we have developed almost all kind of software starting with low level components like device drivers and ending with complex custom CRM/ERP software. We can hardly think of technologies or types of software that aren’t covered by our people’ know-how.

Our expertise in building software solutions from scratch is vast and covers solutions such as:

  • CRM/ERP solution for membership management for humanitarian organizations - Spotlight
  • Human Resources solutions for time management from hardware to software - QuickHR, Protime, Procon
  • Platform for designing and executing profiling and assessment in various domains (employee profiling,  psychological evaluations, client satisfaction, etc) – Odisy
  • Events management system – Styria EMS
  • Payroll system
  • Online portals and SaaS solutions – calcule.ro, contabilitate.ro
  • Mobile applications
  • eSolutions based on Drupal, Magento, Joomla
  • Hardware programming
  • and many others ...

We always liked to challenge ourselves in using new technologies and we never said no to projects that brought us to the unknown. By doing so we avoided the unpleasant routine in our work and kept our people’ professional spirit young.

For Custom Software Development services please get in contact with us using the contact coordinates on the right bottom of this page or our contact form. Thank you!