Protime is the no. 1 provider of T&A software in Belgium and one of the top players at European level, since 1996. Diginesis has been a partner for Protime, successfully since 2003.
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Protime was founded in 1995 and has become the market leader in workforce management solutions. Thanks to the continued focus on innovation in Workforce Management solutions in a wide and varied range of clients and market sectors. Today Protime has more than 4,000 installations across Europe with many of them Blue Chip Organisations and is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

The collaboration with Diginesis has always been very pleasant and constructive. The Diginesis staff is highly skilled and flexible, adapting to our needs, tools and methods as requested. Outsourcing to Diginesis has proven to be a quite effective complement to our Belgian development team.

Darek M. Sikorski, Partner