Do you know what it takes to make all your short and long term projects really happen?
Three things: Inspiration - Resources - Perspiration

Diginesis is your Partner!

We can offer dedicated teams of specialists to contribute to your general effort of releasing high quality software products to your clients. You can chose to hire on determined or undetermined periods analysts, architects, developers, testers trained to deliver high quality software artifacts. The only requirement is to gather all the roles necessary for a successful delivery of the software project. We are not ‘renting’ skill, we are delivering software features.

What are the signs Diginesis is a solution to your company?

You have a bold development roadmap for the next period? Is it critical for your business to be commercially ready before your competitors? Having hard-time to find skilled resources and to easily adapt them to your working environment conditions?

How it starts … how it might continue

The initial decision towards outsourcing is often driven by cost. This ultimately allows the companies to develop their solutions quicker and with lower budgets. This could be of course a big advantage they may have against their competitors by having ahead of them new versions or new products.

On long term the outsourcing relation loses its initial advantage due to inevitable progress of the geographical locations that were once seen as “low costs” opportunities. Inevitably, the outsourcing starts to reveal other advantages that are powered by the solid trust and understanding of the business principles that were acquired on long term collaboration. These new advantages derive from the offshore and multisite business concepts that are currently a must in the business development trend.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Thomas Edison

We have it all. Let us be your perspiration and your Genius in the pipeline!