Software & Hardware for Time and Attendance

The collaboration with Diginesis has always been very pleasant and constructive. The Diginesis staff is highly skilled and flexible, adapting to our needs, tools and methods as requested. Outsourcing to Diginesis has proven to be a quite effective complement to our Belgian development team.

Darek M. Sikorski, Partner
Fund raising and data services for NGOs

Issues are an integral part of any project life cycle. The flexible manner with which Diginesis mitigated the issues that occurred during our project development cycle was a key factor in our project success. Without any doubt, Diginesis is a mature and reliable partner.

Dieter Raml, CEO
Electricity distribution

Diginesis adapted with “light speed” to our existing development platform. Whenever we are missing some particular skills or we are lacking capacity we can rely on Diginesis to efficiently fill in the gaps. Diginesis is our “side effect free painkiller”

Anders Buhl, Manager
In-store display systems
First, before any technical considerations, l would like to say that I am very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the development and implementation team from Diginesis. I have communicated very well with them and I was impressed by their patience, and their attention to detail.
Connecting the ERP system to our online store, brought us real benefits like automatic updating our prices in the internal computer system to the prices displayed online.
Among other facilities, ERP Odoo Solution offers our company: the possibility of efficiently developing our activity monitoring the departments’ activity and process in the company monitoring the activity of human and financial resources effectively interconnecting all our internal departments reducing the execution times by removing minor, adjacent tasks.
We will considerably reduce costs, whereas we can now centrally monitor the activities of the sales department, client service, marketing, acquisitions, production and we can eliminate all the unnecessary and low perspective tasks. In this way, our team can focus more on efficient and profitable actions.
Octavian Sfeclă, General Manager Art Match
Commerce and service of construction machinery
Initially I did not understand the importance of ERP for our company. Then after a discussion with people from Diginesis, I was more receptive to the need to make a step forward in our company's activity Logosol SRL and we decided to implement such an IT solution.
Working with company Diginesis, I came into contact with a team of professionals, specialized in implementing and configuration of a modern ERP system. From them we received the information and support needed for such collaboration that we started and held it with much success.
Currently, our company’s activity has operated more easily, we have reduced the time activities and we quickly cover various needs of the departments, as Odoo platform offers easily the information and facilities we need. 
I did not think everything can be so easily in our company's activity and if I turn time back, I would not be willing to work without such a computer platform.
I still enjoy a good collaboration with Diginesis on consulting and maintenance, and I recommend to any developing firm to appeal to this company’s services and to Odoo platform which I also use with evident satisfaction. 
Cosmin Ursu, General Manager Logosol